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Kudos to whoever sent the emails to Access Hollywood March 4, 2009

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I do hope you directed them to this blog instead of sending them in yourself and getting paid for them.  I do know that the emails were released here first, before they were on any of the message boards, blogs, myspaces, tabloids, or gossip sites. How do I know? I guess you could say I marked the emails before I posted them here so I would know which other sites copied them. If you’ve seen the originals, perhaps you noticed, but none of the yahoo, Access Hollywood or other forums and blogs have posted the originals, they just copied from here. 😉


21 Responses to “Kudos to whoever sent the emails to Access Hollywood”

  1. mtnmchgrl Says:

    I highly doubt you are the first and only to post these as the original, unless you personally know Melissa or Jason. There are about a million blogs on The Bachelor this season. I don’t think Reality Steve is getting paid for his information either so don’t feel too bad.

  2. bachgirl Says:

    Ok link me to somewhere who posted them before me. You can’t because there isn’t anywhere. If I wanted to get paid for them I could have, that’s not the point, the point is someone copied and pasted from here and mixed up the order and left parts of it out before sending it to access hollywood, who will get a lot more than the 30,000 hits this site has got today. It just doesn’t seem right. If they’re going to copy from me at least copy the whole thing, not just pick and choose.

  3. mtnmchgrl Says:

    You obviously do care or you wouldn’t have titled an entry to the latest blog (all of 2 postings) “Kudos to whoever sent this to Access Hollywood.” When was this blog even created? Last night? I love how some of the brand new bloggers claiming exclusive info continue to say “If I wanted to get paid, I would.” Just stop saying that because you know its complete BS. As if that makes you some sort of noble person. IF people are copy and pasting from your blog then perhaps you should have thought about posting “the original” emails.

  4. mtnmchgrl Says:

    Edit: Thought twice about posting them I mean. Sorry.

  5. bachgirl Says:

    LOL um yeah the ONLY reason I made this blog was to put the emails out there since other sites were stringing people along saying they “maybe” going to post them for the last several weeks. I’ve had them for weeks and wanted to wait until the finale and post them but didn’t want them on any random message board so I put them here. This blog won’t ever be updated again, it was never intended to serve any purpose other than to publish the emails. And I’m sorry you don’t grasp that if I wanted to contact one of the tabloids first and give them the emails instead of publishing them for free on a free site where anyone can comment then I could have…that doesn’t make me a noble person, I’m just a curious fan like everyone else and I can’t stand when people play the “I know something you don’t” crap or “maybe I will maybe I won’t”. F that…put up or shut up…which is why I took it into my own hands. It’s not like I’m the Alethia girl who strung people along for 2 weeks promising I had info that I would release and then release nothing. GMAB.

  6. mtnmchgrl Says:

    I never said you were unable to submit the emails to a tabloid, I said you were stupid for NOT doing so and then wanting props for NOT doing it and posting them on a free site. That’s all. Who cares? And I don’t see how it matters if they credit your blog? Don’t get your panties in a wad. I do agree with the put up or shut up philosophy, but RS did finally tell everyone what they wanted to know, granted in a very rambling sort of way. I never said you were like Altheia (who copied from RS anyway). Anyway, I just thought it was funny that you thought it was important that your posts had the email headers and no other blog or website did. Like I said unless you ARE Melissa or Jason or are one of their BFF’s, you having access to the originals is just as likely for someone else to. Do you really think they only forwarded those emails to ONE person and you were the lucky one to get it? Highly doubtful, but keep on dreamin’ girl!

  7. mtnmchgrl Says:

    BTW, I contacted Access Hollywood and told them that you were the first to post the REAL emails first hand and all and told them they better credit your blog. 🙂

  8. susie Says:

    Let’s all be thankful for technology!!! The truth is out there and people need to schooled about how hollywood works. It’s all about money and ratings. Bottom line!! The producers do lead you in directions. My cousin’s husband and their friends work in television.It’s all about the benjamins baby.

  9. Miller Says:

    Thank you for posting these. There is nothing wrong with posting these. But, it was wrong to televise the breakup and kiss someone else on camera just minutes after breaking up with Melissa. As for Jason not talking to Molly before the breakup, that is bs. Maybe he is playing with words like Clinton did and he just exchanged text msgs, emails or something else. But, you won’t convince me that he had not received some sort of positive feedback from Molly before he did this. Remember, he was very bothered by the fact that Deanna let him go down on one knee and propose before letting him go. He would not have risked another public rejection from Molly.

  10. kck50 Says:

    how do people get access to their private emails:?

  11. bachgirl Says:

    Melissa forwarded them to some of her close friends and family and from there they got out to THEIR close friends and family and so on.

  12. JulieAB Says:

    Accoring to what omg on yahoo posted this morning, Melissa is going to say on Ellen Degeneres that she did, in fact, email Jason the day following the ATFR taping to apologize for being so angry (apologize? She should have kicked him in his Mes-dick!), so these are no doubt the real e-mails. Just sayin’ in case there is still any discussion about that.

    Melissa is also on record as saying that she knew very soon after they left NZ that he had checked out of their relationship and that Jason has admitted to contacting Molly on one occasion just to check up on her. So, all the hoopla about them not having had any contact – false. All lies. And the fact that Jason had checked out so early really does give some credence to the allegation that this whole thing was planned.

  13. susie Says:

    oh, yes it was planned thanks to the producers. Jason told the producers he wanted to pick Molly early on. They designed the drama with melissa, for the high ratings ofcourse. It’s all about the money for abc!!! That’s hollywood for ya.

  14. it’s hard to compete with the mainstream media, but whoever runs this blog is doing a great job promoting this topic, and i have to say that the person who runs this blog knows a lot more about how the emails got onto the internet than just about anyone else out there. great story, nice coverage.

  15. abbey Says:

    wow!!! so much for ty being his world… quite frankly he didn’t give a rats ass about his son. first meeting melissa, then molly, and god only knows how many others there are…jason what kind of father would do that to their son…..

  16. susie Says:

    i wish jillian all the luck as the new bachelorette!! I hope her canadian self kicks the producers in the ass!!!

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