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After the After the final rose taping.. March 3, 2009

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Without further ado here are the emails exchanged between Melissa and Jason everyone is talking about. I didn’t believe they were real until watching the ATFR last night. In my mind, after reading these emails I definitely do not think the whole thing was set up from the start that Jason would have to pick Melissa if he wanted to be with Molly, as reported by the website They were right about a lot of things but I disagree that it was set up from the start.

—– Original Message —–

From: <>

To: Jason Mesnick

Sent: Mon Jan 19 08:18:10 2009

So last night didn’t go NEAR how I thought. I didn’t think I would be

that angry (I’m not sure I’ve EVER been that angry to be honest with

you….), but I’m sorry for how heated I got. At the same time though, I’m not. I still can’t believe how you can’t give reasons other than ‘It changed.’

In relationships (especially ones where committments are involved), you FIGHT,you TRY, you  COMMUNICATE to make things work. You know as well as I do that you didn’t give 100% to me or the relationship. And I don’t understand how you can walk away from something without giving it your all – but I am walking away knowing I did.

And getting confirmation about Molly in front of people like that was a

complete classless move if you ask me – how could you do that to me

after Irepe atedly asked you about it??? I’m not stupid, I knew about

Molly…knew you guys had been talking….and you lied to me about it. For you to choose to b e with someone who most of the girls in the house didn’t get a long with, and bashed me when she left, then more power to you both. You owed it to me to  tell me this before last night…and I can’t believe you did that to me publicly. I can’t even tell you how much respect I lost for you….but it makes this whole process from here on out much easier for me.

Please don’t respond…I really just wanted to apologize for getting so

angry last night – but I hope you understand why I did….

From: “Jason Mesnick”

Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2009 08:52:58 -0800

To: <>

Subject: Re:

The producers had a lot to do with it. I am so sorry. This is so

horrible []

Sent: Monday, January 19, 2009 9:11 AM

To: Jason Mesnick

Subject: Re:

(This coming from the man who told me not to trust producers…..) Then

congratulations on being produced….but I don’t believe you. You are a

grown man, and perfectly capable of making your own decisions. Own your actions and stop blaming this process..

From: “Jason Mesnick”xxx*

Sent: Monday, January 19, 2009 01:37 AM



Subject: RE:

I wish we could have had that same conversation away from cameras. You are so right about feeling everything you do. I deserved everything you said.

They really didn’t want me to say anything to you until the cameras were there and you know that I couldn’t do that. I tried and I hate what I

have done to you. You don’t deserve any of it at all. I wish there were more that I could say. Its just things really felt different and I didn’t

want to be thinking about her and wish I could control it. I want to take all of your pain away and put it on me. If you are talking about Karma, I

slipped and fell and had a huge gash in my leg 3 inches wide and to the bone. I deserve so much worse for what I am doing to you.  Obviously you know more about me now and you just deserve so much more. I hate that I had to say that to you, and you had to hear that.  You do need to heal and if that means never talking to me again or if that means, you getting angry with  meas  often as you want, I will do it all.

You do not need to give me any reasons for your actions; I think you did

what you had to do.


—–Original Message—–

From [mailto:]

Sent: Wednesday, January 21, 2009 8:24 AM

To: Jason Mesnick

Subject: RE:

I do hope you understand my frustrations then. The fact that even after

‘production’ was wrapped, you still let producers manipulate our

‘relationship’ is frustrating. At what point do you say, “Hey,

guys…youdid your  part, and now it’s our turn to have a real relationship without you meddling and telling us what to say and do?”  When I look at it that way, I’m thankful I found this out now. And I’ll just say, the Molly thing wasn’t a secret….just wish you’d had the decency to tell me before I was put in front of TV cameras – regardless of what Martin was telling you, as a person, a friend, etc…you owed me that. Especially since you were the one who kept saying you didn’t want any surprises at this thing……ironic, eh? Seeing the person that you became, you are right: a relationship between you and I would never work out – and that’s why I’m thankful this happened sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, you were not the person that I thought you were – and that’s ok….just a little embarrassed I fell for it I guess. I do think it’s a little ironic, though that you kept telling me, “morally, how could I ever get back with DeAnna after what she did to me?” And I agree….just seems like a very similar situation with your new lady…..Just a little irony I guess.

Anyway, I’m not mad…I’m not hurt – seeing how things were  handled,helped me get over things very quickly. I do wish you both the best though.

Take care.

I understand everything and I wish more than anything I didn’t let them

get in the way. I handled that part so poorly. It sounds like you are

doing well and am so glad. Just know that I feel so horribly about this.

It is a pain I will live with forever. I will not make any excuses you

are a wonderful person and I am sorry for everything. I do want you to

know that when I proposed to you it was from the heart and wanted to be with you forever.



79 Responses to “After the After the final rose taping..”

  1. jenny Says:

    Congratulations Melissa, you can be happy that you dodged the bullet from Jason. If you look deep enough, you will realize it was not you but he.

    Jason is a self centred, egotistical, sadistic individual. I can assure you that if you dig deep enough you will find that he is psychologically unbalanced. You have to ask yourself why did his wife leave him? I can guarantee that he was at fault.

    Jason knew what he was doing. I am disgusted at his emails to you, as he is not owning up to fault, and that he is putting the blame on everyone but himself; as far as Karma, wow he does not know what Karma is. He actually thinks that by falling and getting a 3-inch gash is Karma, I can assure you that is not how God works.

    It is best to forgive him, and then forgive yourself; this way he will not hold the power, you will. May God have mercy on his soul. Let me tell you, for everything you do to someone, you will be paid back a thousand times, good or bad. As far as Molly is concerned, I can guarantee you, she will see him in the real light. However it will be probably too late. If you instigated this, then she to will get her coming ups.


  2. Bachelor Viewer Says:

    I am not completely sure these e-mails are real. The main reason I think this is because the date on these e-mails is Jan 19th a day after the first ATFR taping, however in the first e-mail Melissa said “For you to choose to b e with someone who most of the girls in the house didn’t get a long with, and bashed me when she left”. How would Melissa know anything that Molly said after Jason let her go that last day in New Zealand when ABC wasn’t going to air the final episode for 6 more weeks?

    Sounds fishy to me…

  3. Amanda Says:

    The After the Final Rose was actually filmed 6 weeks ago…. So the emails could be legit. There is a part 2 airing tonight (6 weeks after part one).

  4. GlennNJ Says:

    I’m not sure these emails are real. And I’m not sure how these emails have been release. I’m assuming authorized by the parties. To show that everything that happened was real and not stage as many are currently saying.

    With that said, my heart breaks for Melissa. I’ve been there. No answers, just basically Goodbye and get lost. Being discarded like trash by someone you truly care about.

    Melissa, all i can say is count yourself lucky that you found out that deep inside Jason is weak. He’s not a strong man who would care for you and protect you the rest of your life. You deserve better.

    For him to be manipulated by the producers to do that on national tv is despicable. He also seem to be influenced by people in choosing you. Which shows weakness.

    Forget about Jason. Start dating and be strong. I know already you have love in your heart and are capable of truly loving relationship. You just need to find the right person. Which is a painful process.

    Melissa, you were the right person for him. But people don’t do what is best for them. They do want what they want to do regardless of who gets hurt. In the end they get hurt from their bad decisions. People with too many choices, make very bad decisions. In closing divorced people’s 2nd marriage 23% chance of working out. So if molly and jason get married. 77% chance they’ll get divorced. Hopefully they’ll be happy together and you’ll find true love.

  5. Bachelor Viewer Says:

    That’s what I just said. The first AFR was filmed 6 weeks ago so how could Melissa know in her e-mail dated Jan 19th that Molly badmouthed her to Jason? My point is there is content in the e-mail that even the people on the Bachelor wouldn’t have known until ABC aired the episodes- and this is an example of information Melissa shouldn’t have known at the time the e-mail was written. Therefore these e-mails are suspicous to me as being faked.

  6. Julieab Says:

    I think these e-mails are real and I think the bashing Melissa is referring to has to do with the things Molly probably said to some of the other women between the time she left NZ and the AFTR taping in January. These women stay in touch with one another. They become friends and the relationships continue past taping. I am certain that stories, allegations, rumors, and smack-talk get around to the other women before, during, and after the WTA taping.

    Clearly, Melissa is better off to have found this out sooner rather than later. It is obvious Jason and Molly were in contact before the ATFR taping, not just by these e-mials, but by the horrible “I’m going to act surprised” look and smile Molly wore while Jason suggested they spend some time together. I don’t care who you are or how long you have pined for someone – no woman, after having been dumoped and having zero contact with the guy for over 2 months would readily accept the invitation to a relationship not 10 minutes after you know he broke off his engagement, nor would she make-out with him on camer, no questions asked.

    I think Mike Fleiss et. al need to recognize that they’re going to have to get up pretty damn early in the morning to successfully perpetuate such a ridiculously transparent fraud.

    Kudos to all who have put the pieces together. I may love reality TV, but I certainly don’t like opportunists who prey on the real emotions and lives of the “cast/contestants” to make it more exciting. How about for the next round, we eliminate all the “most dramatic/emotional/shocking/unbelievable” brouhaha and just let the real relationships shine through and speak for themselves?

    Wouldn’t that be novel?

  7. Kate Says:

    Jason is just an immature man. He was thinking with his penis. How could he assess relationship potential wih so many different women when he was screwing them all. He picked Molly as she was sexually more exciting. She was the first to be intimate with him, described their relationship as “physical,” and was sexually teasing him — ie, making him take off his pants on the golf course; straddling him in her bikini while she bent over and gave him an eye full of her goods on the last day, describing herself as a party girl. Molly was all about sex. Sex was what Jason was looking for — free, uninhibited sex with a wild, crazy, immoral woman. Molly and Jason deserve each other.

  8. j Says:

    probably just another scam The Bachelor is doing, they are just sitting back loving the soap opera reinactment. In the long run this show is nothing like it used to be, and truely hope that many viewers do as they are saying and stop watching.

  9. Kristi Says:

    It’s reasonable to conclude that Jason told Melissa what Molly said to him as she was leaving — that Melissa would break his heart, he was making a huge mistake, and anything else they edited out.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    proves he was lying about contact with Molly. Karma is his whole plan blowing up in his face. Kiss your career as a “single parent spokesperson” goodbuy Mr. Mesnick! Go back to hawking life insurance policies on commission.

  11. Bachelor Viewer Says:

    That makes sense. I guess I’m thinking of all the interviews I saw after Jillian left and she said over and over that until she saw the episodes aired on ABC she had no idea what was happening with the other women- so I have some level of suspicion that this e-mail exchange is not really Jason and Melissa due to the content that could not have been viewed by Melissa prior to ABC airing the last episode on March 2nd. That being said it is certainly possible that Jason said something to Melissa about what Molly said when he let her go- that makes sense.

    I guess I just don’t know how someone could get ahold of these e-mails. It would require either Melissa or Jason to forward them to an outside source. I guess Melissa could be mad enough to do it, but I can’t imagine Jason would do anything to make himself look worse!

  12. Pamela Says:

    Whether these emails are fact or fiction, the bottom line is that Jason is emotionally unstable and he is just “off” when it comes to being real and genuine and a normal guy. He always seems to be acting and so did Molly, in contrast to Melissa, who was real and authentic. So what happened during his time with Melissa to cause a change of heart was that they were in “reality” and maybe when he mentions the chemistry wasn’t right, he was referring to their intimate, sexual relationship, which is what is most important to him. He’s shallow. And although I see that he loves his son, he seems obssessed with his son, and that is not healthy. These “characters” are “falling in love” in a fish bowl and eventually, we see each one of them drown in their own bs. And the producers do need to bring the “sensationalism” down a few notches and recognize their viewers like these “characters” and don’t want to see them publicly humiliated and ripped apart emotionally.

  13. Julia Says:

    Your dumb as hell! This was filmed way before it even came out on tv so Mellisa saw the episodes and knew what Molly had said. Wow. Did u think it was live or something? What is wrong with you? Of course the e-mails are real! Go back to school.

  14. Carrie Says:

    Wow, I am not sure if I even care if these are real. The only thing that I can see is that our boy Jason is messed up. Clearly the process is the problem though. I am sure there has to be confusion being in front of the cameras at all times. I also recognize that we only see a portion. I do believe that Molly and Jason were talking prior to the show. I think they are an “odd” couple which just may work. Melissa will be fine without him. The bigger question is if I am going to even watch the next one. I am a huge fan, but last night just was not right. No matter what, they should not have aired that. There needs to be a point where they do not tape….

  15. Kristi Says:

    Jerushah (the woman who had them before she sent them to Reality Steve) said that she received them from Melissa’s best friend’s mom. Clear as mud?

    Molly fwded the emails to her best friend
    Best friend fwded them to her mom
    Mom shared them with her co-worker
    co-worker sent them to RS

    I don’t know if that is all true, but it’s how Jerushah explained they got in her hands. It actually does make sense to me, my friends and I have shared break-up emails to get feedback on what he said and to hear some encouragement that we said the right thing, etc. I think the best friend was so shocked she sent them to her mom and her mom shared them with a co-worker she knew was a big Bachelor fan.

    p.s. I am not positive Jerushah was actually the co-worker, she might have said she was the co-worker’s friend, which would add one more link to the chain before they were in Steve’s hands. Her comments about the emails were deleted so I’m going by memory on this.

  16. pam Says:

    I think the whole thing was stage and all 3 of them did it for the money! The emails are not real and shame on ABC for thinking they could fool everyone watching! It’s amazing how money talks! Why would Melissa agree to put herself thru this on TV? How many of the women of 2009 would still be sitting in the chair after they came back from the break? I would of been gone and out the door as soon as he started talking about splitting. There would be no way I would let him do that to me!!

  17. sara Says:

    that was so rude and uncalled for, if you need to explain something to somene speak like a person – not an animal…

  18. tee2866 Says:

    Forget that dates…..I am positive when the camara’s went off at the FRS Jason told Mel what Molly had said when he dumped her.
    For sure!
    Mel was aware of what Molly said when she was leaving Jason because he told her. she didn’t have to watch it on TV so he dates don’t matter.

  19. Tina Says:

    I don’t know if the e-mails are for real or not. All I know is I literally cried at the end of the show because I was so happy for Melissa. Never liked Molly – not from day one. I couldn’t see her with Jason; couldn’t even see her as someone I would hang with. Even Ty seemed to like Melissa better. Although, it is true, I’m sure there’s a lot that goes on that we don’t see. I’m sure Molly had a lot more to say to Jason when he said bye to her – more than “you’re making a huge mistake.” Why else would he not give it a chance? Why else would he not even wait for the show to be over so he and Melissa could at least live in the same state?? Disappointing to say the least!! Hang in there Melissa. you showed us all what a great person you are on TV and I’m sure it’s even better in real life. The right guy for you will come along…be patient and don’t settle!!

  20. ugh Says:

    Did any of you watch the ATFR last night? It was taped 6 weeks ago. They showed Molly her finale scene, why wouldn’t it be possible that they showed Melissa the same scene, hence why she knew Molly bad mouthed her when she got booted??

  21. over it Says:

    I call bullshit on these “emails.”

  22. tonnie123 Says:

    good god its over now e1 else get over it.Its not the end of the world

  23. stephaniescissorhands Says:

    I was recently dumped by my Fiancee about 8 months ago for another woman. I feel her pain. Even though her pain is worse because it was so public.

    Molly felt the need to bash Melissa when she was dumped on the Final Rose, and obviously if these emails are legitimate, Melissa felt compelled to speak her mind also. Rightfully so.

    I think Jason is a jerk, whether he was manipulated by the producers or not.

    Do you think there is a contract saying that the Bachelor must stay with the girls he chooses until the day of the “after the final rose” taping? Look at all the other seasons, everyone has broken things off pretty closely to after that show is filmed?

    I bet they are contracted to stay together- and thought they could spin it off even more this time because Jason was being honest and public about his “love” for Molly still. So why wouldn’t he break Melissa’s heart when he can sit there at tell Molly that very night how he feels.

    I’m disgusted if you ask me.

  24. lactoseintolerant23 Says:

    Jason proved to every woman out there that he is the typical a-hole who wants his cake and eat it too.

    He wanted to enjoy Melissa while he could but found Mollly more open to other things so he decided to choose the one that would give more. How immature and senseless of him to do such a thing to Melissa when she was genuine about her feelings towards him and was willing to accept him with his child and love him endlessly.

    Jason is definitely not going to last with Molly when things fizzle in a few…she will regret what she said about Melissa and realize what a idiot she was to even take him back. Who in the right mind wants to be second best, a man should know what he wants and not be all confused and distorted about his decision – – I agree with the other viewer that shows a sign of “weakness” who needs a man that can’t own up to his feelings. I would of had more respect for him had he not chosen either because to hurt Melissa in such a way is cruel and classless. He’s got a lot to learn.

  25. mandy Says:

    If i wanted to see a player get to play and act like an ass at the end i would have watched “the bastard”.

    This was just too much it was to intimate to be shared with the world for him to dump her and within 2 seconds be making out with molly.

    Jason was touted as the best bachelor coming into this, now im not sure if he’ll be able to go anywhere without scorn.

    Maybe its better he did it on TV so everyone got to see what he really is.

    Molly is completely stupid, fake, a cold beatch. He dumped u you went home crying that night in the limo on the plane home, while he had his fun with Melissa. Now he wants you back and thats it? ok? you just made yourself look like a cold beatch who has no self respect at all.

    There is no way you could root for any couple after what he did to melissa…and ABC really dropped it on this one, nothing good came of this. Jason’s rep is ruined, Molly looks pathetic, and ABC heartless, cold, and voyeurs. It also ruined the franchise as we never know what to expect now and the people who watch this is to see an honest LOVE story. Their’s Jerry Springer and the daytime soaps for this type of crap.

  26. trashtastic Says:

    well said!

  27. bob jones Says:

    its true, everyones name is ruined after that show last ngiht, jason looks like a jerk, melissas heart is broken, molly’s a fool and has no idea what shes doing, and ABC, i wont even go there.
    Im just happy Jillian got off before all this, she was by far the best girl and im so happy she didnt have to go through all this.
    Shes going to be a great bachlorette.

  28. trashtastic Says:

    That’s true i was so upset when JIllian was booted…NOW im glad she didnt go down in last nights finale. I always like Melissa but after last night i lover her, obviously to be in her position to be tossed aside with complete disregard is bad enough, but she SAID exactly what she should have said without backing down. I was expecting her to be nice about it as she didnt seem the type who could say anything bad, Melissa standing up for herself and saying what she said to him was awesome. If she wrote this email to him it shows shes really too good for him, apologzing for saying thing NO ONE would blame her for. Jason is such a coward his responses are soooo passive agressive. When my friends laughed at him crying i said no it means he’s sensitive he cares for what hes doing to someone….OMG i had to eat those words…hes just in a word pathetic.

  29. Melissa Says:

    I just think Jason MesDICK is sooooooooo pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Kristin Says:

    No the AFTR 1 was taped Jan 18th, so this could very much be real emails. The first email from Melissa to jason was on January 19th (the day after) and she said “I am sorry how I acted last night….” I believe these emails are authentic. Jason is a jerk…

  31. taz Says:

    As far as Melissa knowing what Molly said after the FRC, Jason could have told her. That’s not a big deal. Melissa and Jason did talk alot between the time the FRC was filmed and ATFR.

  32. Lindsay Says:

    melissa, so sry you have had to deal with only 15 and i know better not to do what jason just did you to you…but im so beyond proud of you for taking it as you did..that really showed your character to us…and also the fact that you gave the ring back showed us your class…know that everyone here in atlanta LOVES you..and support you..and im gonna miss seeing all yall every monday night..i dont know what im gonna do with my time now..haha…but know that this truly is part of the plan for your life and you do deserve better…my respect for Jason went to the floor when i saw what he did to you…and the fact that you only cursed of you is all i can say…your prince charming is coming..i can see it now..and i would love for you to be the next bachelorette, but i think that that is probably being taped knows..haha..but i would love that…just remember to stand tall and never regret anything..that is just how life goes unfortunately…but WE LOVE YOU and know that we CARE ABOUT YOU..i really just wanna give you the biggest hug ever and slap him across the face..haha..

  33. Janna Says:

    Oh the emails are real all right. Access Hollywood has just released them as well:

  34. jizzle Says:

    i do think these are real but that is indeed beside the point: it all sucked. ABC really should pay attention to the ill will this has created. and even if folks weren’t in on it, it is sordid, sad and so 2008. molly is fake and i hope on tonight’s round 2 of humiliation Jason explains what the draw is, and please don’t say her eyes.

  35. bachgirl Says:

    #33 if you’ll notice access hollywood left out parts of the emails and have them in the wrong order. I don’t like that someone took what I posted here and edited it to suit them.

  36. Mynde Says:

    Haven’t seen access hollywood yet, but originally found these on Jason’s myspace and noticed they were out of sequence, so I resequenced them in word and also on the ones that start “original message”, patched them together with the text the sender would be using with the “original message” part being what they were responding to.

    Long story short, besides it’s appearance on Myspace, it appears that these were leaked from either Jason or someone in Jason’s camp, since the copies being replied to are Melissas. The first one he sent on Monday, January 19, 2009 01:37 AM also has a cc to someone else. It then appears he uses a different email address for the rest, because the date time format has changed….for example: Mon, 19 Jan 2009 08:52:58 -0800.

    Overall, I’m of the opinion they are genuine, leaked from the Jason side because they are gratutious of Jason. what’s the saying? It’s hard to make a silk purse out of a pig’s ear?

    Thanks so much for putting this out there for more people to see. I just think it’s really strange that the Bachelor broke all the previous rules this season, all the screencaps, announcing an engagement & both Jason & jesse blabbing about their contracts. & the mechanisms of the show. That alone has me thinking this was planned in advance, but with other reality shows, not all the participants are in on it.

  37. mel Says:

    Guys, there was six weeks that went by with Melissa. Maybe she’s a Jekyll/Hyde, maybe she’s a whiner and pouter, maybe she’s bipolar, maybe her parents are superweird and her family has a major dysfunction…
    There are LOTS of reasons that Jason could have felt he made a major mistake…
    Give the guy a break.

  38. Jason's Brother Says:

    Hey Molly,
    I, along with the rest of America saw how easy you are so how about giving me a call after Jason’s done with you? It looks like you give great backrubs and are a great campout date! You have a great reputation, sweetie!

  39. Darryn Says:

    Maybe I’m the only one to read anything into this comment, but I think the parenthetical about Jason advising Mel not to trust producers is very telling. Advice like this certainly comes from being involved in an experience where producers were manipulative. Could he be affected by an experience during the previous season? Perhaps, but I think it’s more likely that the producers were greatly manipulating this season and Jason was aware of it. Looks like RealitySteve may be right – that Molly was always the girl Jason wanted and the producers got him to agree to choose Melissa so he could break it off at the ATFR1. I’d even go so far as to suggest that perhaps Jason’s reason for giving Mel this advice was even trying to warn her (in terms obscure enough so as not to violate any confidentiality agreements) about the plot so she wouldn’t get quite as hurt.

  40. mtnmchgrl Says:

    I’m not sure who is really to blame here and am still questioning whether all three or at least 1-2 of them were all in on it to begin with. It is quite obvious that Melissa knew what was coming beforehand and she probably went on the ATR to have vindication and because she knew it would garner sympathy. I was rooting for her, but let’s face it. It probably wouldn’t have lasted with Melissa either, just as its likely NOT going to last with Molly. Look at the Bachelor record. And regardless of what kind of light anyone wants to paint any three of those people, we don’t know WHAT went down between Melissa and Jason after the Finale. Until we hear the actual facts from either person anything else is just pure speculation. Its nice to think “Yeah, Jason is an a-hole.” But who is to say that Melissa is not the one that ruined it? People have posted bad things about both girls claiming to have inside knowledge on both’s characters….but we won’t ever know unless someone talks.

  41. owl Says:

    I don’t know where everyone is getting 6 weeks from.

    If the final was over at the end of November and the ATFR1 was done in mid Jan, yes that is 6 weeks. But,

    Jason was on Jimmy Kimmel the first week of January 1/9 and stated he was engaged and would get married and that he was very happy. Kimmel grills him on this so its no mistake.

    So if things went wrong it was only 2 weeks, not 6 weeks.

    Here’s the link:

  42. Julia Says:

    Jason is everything that is wrong with men in America. It’s no wonder woman are so outraged – it’s probably because his actions stir up emotions that we have all once felt from “that asshole exboyfriend”. He is narcissist and will never find true happiness because he will always be looking for the next best thing to come along. People like him get a high from the “newness” of beginning relationships. He will never stay in a relationship, much less married for long.

  43. jnriley21 Says:

    Very simply, I wish my name wasn’t Jason. What a tool…

  44. susie Says:

    for abc tv it’s all about the money,ratings etc. Bottom line. My cousin’s husband and their friends work in hollywood.(television)My brother was on the Love Connection in the early 90’s. One producer came into his dressing room to tell him that his date was about to throw him under the bus. She was egged on by another producer. The head producer respected my brother because he is a marine corps officer and desert storm veteran. My brother was ready for her when the cameras rolled. The first bachelor Alex admiitted that he wanted to pick Trista but was led in the other direction because they wanted drama, ratings and a spin off,. the bachelorette. People that go on reality tv have to realize that ratings and money rule. bottom line.or the show will be cancelled. I’m sorry for Melissa but buyer beware!!!!!

  45. […] After the After the final rose taping.. Without further ado here are the emails exchanged between Melissa and Jason everyone is talking about. I didn’t […] […]

  46. jessica Says:

    i doubt i will watch this show anymore (even though Jillian is so sweet!) but wouldn’t it be hilarious if Jason shows up on Jillian’s show and pulls all the same stunts with her? he’s such a scum bag. i honestly can’t blame him for changing his mind, he’s entitled to that…but to break melissa’s heart in front of the cameras was completely disgusting. when he said on ATFR 2 that he felt like he did everything with integrity? are you kidding me? how on earth is that integrity? seems quite the opposite to me. there would not be nearly this much controversy if jason and melissa would have done this in private and then jason went back to molly (and she’s just dumb for settling for sloppy seconds) and the ATFR 2 was the only show that aired. the first ATFR was completely unnecessary…except for the fact that it got ratings. abc should be ashamed to stoop to that level. karma is going to come around and i don’t think anyone will have any sympathy for jason. please jason, do the rest of the world a favor and keep the rest of your life private (like you should have with melissa) because no one wants to see any more of you sucking face with molly. it’s nauseating.

  47. Glad Says:

    cool, thanks

  48. susie Says:

    jason told the producers when it was down to the final five girls that he had fallen for Molly and she was the one he wanted to propose to. The producers wanted a more dramatic ending for ratings purposes (money)Remember that the ratings had declined dramatically for the last couple of seasons. So, the negotiations began with jason and the producers. As we now know the nielson ratings were off the charts for this season and the finale, after the final rose. Jason and chris harrison said that letting Melissa go in front of the national tv audience was part of the “deal” They have recently stated that on current interviews that Melissa knew it was coming. I wish abc just let Jason propose to Molly without the drama but in their greedy minds knew they would not get the huge ratings they just received by throwinng melissa under the bus.REmember the bachelor does get paid for being on the show.WE posibly could have had another Trista and ryan season but abc didn’t want to go that route.They virtually sold out for ratings and to renew the contract for the bachelor because the contract was soon to be up for negotiations. It could have been cancelled.Abc didn’t want that. The love of money is the root of all evil!!!!

  49. Jk Says:

    They r real… She just said it on ellen

  50. Kate Says:

    Melissa was just on Ellen and confirmed the emails are real

  51. Melissa Fan Says:

    These emails are real. Melissa was just on Ellen and said they got leaked and are 100% real.

  52. Jaime F. Says:

    Did anyone else notice that Melissa’s e-mail address is in the last message? Wonder who would be so careless to forget to remove that.

  53. Amused in Canada Says:

    Oh my gosh; what a hoopla. All I can say is what the heck did they all expect? TV is TV and it’s always been for sensationational viewership. I wasn’t surprised that Jason did what he did, wow, all the women didn’t like each other? Guess what, they didn’t like anyone else in the house – you’re all there to win one man… Seriously, give your head a shake, you sign up for tv, you get what what you paid for.

  54. NewBachelorWatcher Says:

    Just finished watching Melissa on the Ellen Show and she confirmed that the emails are authentic. About Jason…he is an impetuous, effusive mess. Notice how he over-uses “always” and “never”. He did it in his proposal to Melissa and in his “comeback” speech to Molly. Apparently, he doesn’t know what those words mean. Can somebody get this guy a dictionary and a calendar, please???

  55. susie Says:

    hey new bachelor watcher, I’ve been watching the bachelor since it first aired in 2002. The first bachelor ,Alex, told the producers he wanted to pick Trista.They led him in another direction therefore setting up Trista to be the first bachelorette.They wanted a spin off. It got very good ratings.Again, people all abc cares about is high ratings.My cousin and his friends work in television ..Hollywood. It’s about the money!!!!

  56. Cris Says:

    Well Melissa said they were for real and I can see how they are.

    She is better off without him, he is a player and a liar. If he really wanted this to work, he would have worked at it. I believe he was in on the hoax and wanted Molly but for ratings it was better to hurt Melissa and not let her know what went on.

  57. Anonymous Says:

    I just saw melissa on the Ellen Degeneres Show and she admitted that the e-mails ARE real.

  58. christy Says:

    The Bachelor should be boycotted by us all. Don’t give them what they want. What a disgrace

  59. Maria Davis Says:

    If you go back and watch the part when Deanna came and told him to go with the safe bet, lead with his heart, don’t go with the fun one yadda yadda yadda, he did listen to her that’s why I think he choose Melissa. Molly was the fun one that he wanted to pick firstly but then Deanna changed his mind. He would never admit that and seems like he can’t decide anything on his own. He probably would of went with Deanna if the producers let him. he’s so weak.

  60. Jewelly Says:

    All I can say is Jason has major issues and shouldn’t be dating anyone! He is one messed up guy and I certainly wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with him. I wish Molly lots of luck!

  61. Bachelor Watcher Says:

    To be honest, don’t you think Jason and Molly deserve eachother after all this.. Jason completely threw Melissa under the bus and blindsided her on the show. And Molly thinks it’s okay to talk to someone while they’re engaged to another woman. So if she’s dumb enough to take him back and he’s pathetic enough to embarrass someone like he did on National Televison then all the power to them! But they won’t last. And too bad for Ty, poor little guy participating in his Dad’s women issues. Jason just tosses him around woman like it’s no big deal. The kid is 3, and Jason needs to grow up! Make up your mind and don’t drag your child into it. Pathetic. It almost makes me not want to watch the show anymore. But really who’s pathetic enough to literally go on that show????

  62. Denise Says:

    This letters ARE real. I was watching ellen today and she asked melissa, and melissa said, yes the emails are real. they got leaked.

  63. bachgirl Says:

    Hey #52 thanks for the headsup about the address. I thought I had all that taken care of with the xxxxx’s. It has been edited out now.

  64. Judy Says:


    You are so sweet and deserve the very best. Jason is a mouse that needs to be controlled… pushed around and mommied….
    He knew what he was getting into when he chose you and should have felt lucky as heck but instead opted for the “challenge”. He needs to be kicked around a little bit and it seems that Molly is his challenger of choice. Not my idea of a long lasting relationship

  65. marisa Says:

    that Jason is a total coward! just because he is the “bachelor.” he has no right to do that to such a wonderful girl! and on the air!
    please the producers? what an excuse. stay away from men like that, ew.
    Melissa! im so happy your good with your boyfriend Ty, happiness it the least you deserve. dont be sorry to him, he deserves to be the most hated man in america.
    when i saw him cry, while i was in major tears in another subject. i laughed. so pathetic! producers? more like his ass.
    that was totally, “I will do this for the credits.” so fake! fake fake, fake.
    Jason and Molly are a fine couple, whatever. but seeing they are a couple that came out of the media, it isnt ever lasting. its good melissa has met someone off of the TV.
    No offense to anyone who enjoys these sort of shows, but i think they are a totally waste of money. especially seeing that hardly any of the bachelors or bachelorettes ever get married.
    so whats the point? this econmoic crisis doesnt need TV programs.
    Kudos for Melissa for calling him a bastard, i would have used harder words though.

  66. JJJ Says:

    Are you all so gullible to believe Melissa wouldn’t lie about whether the emails were “released”? Has anyone considered whether the show staged this whole thing because Melissa was good for ratings? Has anyone considered she’s contractually required to say the emails are real? Maybe the show’s producers created the emails. Now, why is everyone bashing Jason? Melissa all of a sudden has a boyfriend she’s known for 2 years? Maybe Melissa was already with the other guy and Jason found out. Does the guy have the option of honestly admitting he cared more about Molly, or would you prefer he faked the fairy tale ending then ended it months later? He has a child to think about. Maybe he learned more about Melissa that he’s not sharing because he’s not willing to TRASH her in public. She doesn’t seem to have a problem doing that to him. If she was SOOO in love with him, maybe she would have more respect and kindness toward him and just be mature enough to let the relationship end. And, she was told in public in front of cameras because he was contractually required to do that. She’s a ditz and she’s being paid to play the victim, but suddenly her 2-year friendship with that guy is significant. She’s a slut and acted like a slut on the first date. He got lust confused with love, then he figured out Molly was classier than a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader. Grow up, people, life is not a fairy tale. Who realistically meets their soulmate on a TV show – Ryan and Trista have made it work – no one else has. Jason is a class act, and at least he was honest enough to end something when it didn’t work.

  67. JJJ Says:

    Amused in Canada – you are so right. People – the show got what they wanted, and you’re all buying into it. I do believe Jason and Molly are in love; after the tent episode, when he took her back to the house, you could see how happy they were – they were both enamored. The rest is all for the show, and they pulled you in. Jason was the first bachelor on these shows who didn’t act like a player; he was honest all along and sent two people home one episode rather than keep someone he didn’t care for. I truly believe he cared a lot for both women at the end; I’m not convinced the show didn’t stage the whole ending to pull you in exactly as they have – and what do they gain? The show has high ratings and you watch again when The Bachelorette airs. Jason seems like a kind and loving guy, and he was honest about making a mistake. If you think life is so cut and dried, grow up. If you think the show didn’t make him do all this in public, you don’t know much about television. Move on with your lives; Melissa will get something out of this – she was a football cheerleader – she’ll get a Playboy spread next and she’ll have a grand life. I don’t believe she’s devastated. She sure didn’t look like it on Ellen. She will survive. In the meantime, Jason and Molly deserve to have a happy life if any of that is real. I hope it is, but it IS TV, people.

  68. Melissa Says:

    Hi, this is Melissa I see there is a site going around
    this is real. We are not together

  69. Melissa Says:

    Hello everyone, just to let you know this is real, it is Melissa speaking right now, Jason and I are no longer together he hurt me to much.

  70. susie Says:

    The bachelor and bachelorette get paid to do the shows.My cousin’s husband and his friends work in the television industry in hollywood. One of his friends works on american idol. I’m telling you the producers lead these people in other directions.Contracts are signed and then it is “on”. Game on!!!! So , people that sign up for these shows just better beware!! It’s all about ratings. Money ,money, money, money…

  71. EclecticCel Says:

    He was crying due to self pity just like when sociopaths get arrested – they are sooooo sorry THEY got caught! They are not sorry for the person they raped or murdered. They even relish the public attention when they get to re-live it by describing what they did for the press; again & again.

    That being said; Jason said on Jimmy Kimmel that in real life he’d still be dating all 3 of the top choices until he knew for sure which one was a lasting match… NOW THAT makes sense.

    It’s abc forcing a choice that may have gotten him so confused. He stated he loved each of those 3 & in each case stated that he “couldn’t get enough of her” & “Could never let her go”…. Had it been real life it would have played out by itself w/the girls losing interest as they got to know the real him &/or w/him losing interest in them as he saw more of everyday life w/them. This IS how guys date but they just don’t let us know about the others they are checking out at the same time like this show does.

    Maybe a better format would be to choose the 3 or even 5 faves then let them go off camera for a Season. We can catch TMZ sitings of him w/this one or that one here & there but he’d continue dating mostly out of the public eye. Then skip the Bachelorette season (she’d be chosen from an earlier elimination (like Stephanie would have been a great choice this season) then when the next Bachelor begins it would begin w/clips from here & there of him dating those girls & an introduction of the one he’d chosen.

    Jason may indeed be self absorbed & self serving like many men whom are mostly forever boys & rarely grow up to be real men; but it’s possible that he just couldn’t discern the differences & workability of a relationship w/any of the ones he really liked in that small space of time & w/the cameras always on.

    Melissa stated on Ellen yesterday that during the competition he’s like the gold ring. Everyone is trying w/all their might to “win” & constantly trying to preform their best & think of the cutest most cleaver things to say & always in the spotlight w/little thought of who HE is & if they’d actually really WANT him if the contest didn’t exist…. Maybe after the lights go out. These girls are like: “huh? What in the world did I see in him?”

    Just a Thought, Cel

  72. Julie Says:

    He’s a jerkdog, and Ill be surprised if he and Molly make it with the tainted start they have to their relationship.
    Still, I wish them all the best.

  73. Danielle Says:

    Who Cares

  74. bachgirl Says:

    For the record…in case anyone believed it…#69 is not Melissa.
    Whoever that is has the name Natasha in her email address and she’s posting from Canada.

  75. BachelorWatcher27 Says:

    Okay! How many times can you count the word’s “the most shocking Bachelor Ever!” used during this entire taping? Each “Bachelor” is always “the Most shocking ever”!!! It’s all about ratings and money folks! I understand that ppl’s hearts and stuff do get involved, but when it comes to saving a show, getting viewers rating, and money… what better way to do it than to create controversy! WE ARE ALL falling right into what they were looking for… TALK & DRAMATIC AFFECT, even if it cost someone else their reputation. Ppl, take the blind folds off and SEE & HEAR what is really going on! Jason, Molly, and Melissa are living their lives… HAPPILY I may add and ppl are still hanging on a string talking about something that happend months ago! Move on ppl!!!

  76. Rachel Says:

    guys, molly and jason are not bad people for being in love. it’s simple: jason really was in love with melissa, but the real world is a lot different than the “bachelor” world, so when they got home, jason just realized that he didn’t have much in common with melissa, and started to think about how his life would be with molly. sorry to disappoint anyone who wanted to make the happy couple suffer, but guess what? this is real life, and sometimes people make mistakes, why cant we all just let it go and let them be happy? i don’t know if u know this, but jason actually did melissa a huge favor! she is engaged, and has never been so happy in her entire life! i love you guys! (melissa, jason, and molly) and i hope all three of you are extremely happy for the rest of your lives, no matter what people say about you, because whoever says you are bad people are just low life people, who think they can make themselves happier, by making others feel bad.
    so there.

  77. Rachel Says:

    by the way- LOVE U JILLIAN AND ED!

  78. Says:


  79. Anonymous Says:

    i cant believe he thought he could get out of it with more lies insted of owning up to wat he did i gess he needs to grow up, cause he is not. I hope u get better and relise it was not a mistake leaving that big jeark.

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